ROX PRO Flagmats are hand selected pieces of flagstone adhered to mesh matting that allow for modular installation of flagstone paving. Whether it is new construction or a retrofit overlay, consider the benefits of natural stone and the savings of streamlined installation. Image the time that can be saved when using ROX PRO Flagmats on your project. The modular design of each mat enables the installer to place up to 5.4 square foot sections down at a time, avoiding the labor intensive task of cutting, fitting and placing normal flagstone. Most of the puzzling, cutting and fitting has been done for you. PDF Download

Sienna Sunset

Autumn Horizon

Black Mountain

Glacier Bay

Placer Gold

Sierra Blue

Alpine Jade

Twilight Mica Schist

  • Size Per Mat
  • Approx. Weight
  • Approx. Thickness
  • Dimension
  • Per Crate
  • European Series (Small)
  •    2.7 sq. ft.    (1 pc. mat)
  • 22 lbs. / 8 lbs. per sq. ft.
  • Approx. 5/8"
  • 21"h x 30"w
  • 44 mats (118.8 sq.ft.)
  • Traditional Series (Large)
  •    5.4 sq. ft.    (1 pc. mat)
  • 43 lbs. / 8 lbs. per sq. ft.
  • Approx. 5/8"
  • 28"h x 42"w
  • 22 mats (118.8 sq.ft.)
Colors available: Autumn Horizon, Black Mountain, Glacier Bay, Placer Gold, Sierra Blue, Alpine Jade, Twilight Mica Schist.
  • Traditional Sieres (Large)
  •    5.4 sq. ft.    (1 pc. mat)
  • 50 lbs. / ea.
  • Approx. 3/4"
  • 28"h x 42"w
  • 22 mats (118.8 sq.ft.)
Colors available: Sienna Sunset.

Natural stone products are products of nature and inherently lack uniformity and are subject to variation in aesthetics, color, shade, finish, tint, hardness, strength, slip resistance, density etc.  The foregoing qualities are inherent in the nature of the product to be sold and shall not be considered a defect.  It is the customer’s responsibility to determine the suitability and maintainability for the natural stone product to be sold. Some natural stone products may exude naturally inherent substances under certain conditions. Never make a final selection on a natural stone product based on a photograph or website image. For submittal information and test data, please consult your dealer or ROX PRO representative. Any installation methods shown are guidelines only. Final installation procedures are specific to individual projects and should be approved by the project engineer.